Say "NO" to Microsoft!


These are the reasons I will not upgrade:

  1. HTML5 and CSS3 are not finished yet.

    I refuse to use any language that is not yet complete. As long as there are differences in the code needed for different browsers, the language is not yet ready for deployment.

  2. It is incompatible with Internet Explorer 7.

    Since I refuse to upgrade beyond Windows XP, and because IE-8 and later won't run without me having to buy a new computer that can take more memory, I can't upgrade beyond IE-7.

  3. The changes are mainly for English composition writing, cell phones, and Windows 8 and 10.

    I absolutely hate cellular phones (because they cause traffic accidents).

    I absolutely hate Windows 8 and 10. It is extremely hard to use, because it is designed for cell phones.

    My mental processes are those of a scientist, not a professional writer. I would never use the new features.

  4. I have already been required to change markup languages twice.

    I originally created my pages in HTML2. Then I was required by powers that be to change to HTML4, and then XHTML1. Each change took over a year to convert all of the files. I wasn't even done with the change to HTML4 when XHTML1 was required.

    Because I have so many pages, it would take me several years to change again.

  5. HTML5 and CSS3 contain the two features I hate most.

    I absolutely hate the hover function. It should be banned, because it causes the following problems:

    • It causes problems for people with lexical impairment. They panic, because they think they did something wrong.
    • Too often, the hover change makes something that covers the control I want to use.
    • A hover function must NEVER cause a different page to load or start a purchase. Abolish hover!

    I also hate the footer function. It causes the following problems:

    • The footer usually contains advertising.
    • It reduces the parts of the page that are visible at one time.
    • Too often, part of the main page is permanently hidden behind the footer.
  6. HTML5 and CSS3 are too permissive.

    I like strongly defined languages with strict syntax requirements. XHTML1 is this kind of language.

    This is as bad as the C programming language, which also does not have strong typing or syntax requirements.

  7. They removed the easy-to-remember "&" character names.

    Are they intentionally trying to make web design harder? Why do we have to remember numbers instead?

    The replacement for the acronym tag is also much harder to use. Do not deprecate!

  8. The people at W3C can't leave things well enough alone.

    Let's get rid of this idea that everything has to be constantly changed! It is ruining computing. Are they doing this to justify their own salaries?

These are the reasons why I will not upgrade:

  1. Compared to Windows XP, the newer versions waste the worker's time

    Instead of one mouse click on the taskbar to switch applications, Vista and 7 require two hover-wait operations before the click. Windows 8 and 10 make a total mess of this with many clicks.

    Too many of the "features" in Vista, 7, 8, and 10 pop up when not needed, blocking the icon of the wanted tool.

    Too many applications have to be full-screen, making it hard to copy and paste from one to the other.

    Windows 8 and 10 take an expensive desktop computer and turns it into a crummy "stupidphone."

    People who know MS-DOS can do a job faster with it than they can with Windows 8 or 10.

  2. Vista, 7, 8, and 10 were designed to please obsolete artists, not workers or scientists

    The obsolete traditional primary colors are in the main palette, rather than the scientific primaries.

    The "Theme Colors" in office were designed for the same artists who produce those ugly ads in magazines.

    The styling is designed to please artists, rather than make features easy to find.

    The windows are harder to read.

  3. They ruined the MS Paint tool

    MS Paint used to be the ideal tool for the line drawings needed for technical papers. Now it can't do the job:

  4. GIF animation is no longer supported by the picture display tools

    I need a quick way to check animated files before I upload them to my website.

    When Microsoft stops supporting a file format, other companies seem to follow suit.

  5. Loss of the use of some older file types Do not deprecate!

    I need files created many years ago, and can no longer use them.

    Worse, people do not find out the files can no longer be used until long after the old software is no longer available to them.

  6. Windows Explorer is much harder to use

    The search feature will no longer search an entire file space for a file that was accidentally dropped in the wrong place.

    Hovering screen tips are gone. You have to click to see the properties. This was the one good hover.

  7. My game port MIDI interface is no longer supported

    I can't exchange MIDI with my music keyboard and my multitrack recorder without a game port interface. Shame on Microsoft.

  8. Networking is not compatible between different versions

    I have to use hacky tricks to get Windows 7, Vista, and XP to coexist, and share files and equipment on the same network.

    Windows 8 and 10 are harder yet to network. They are designed for wireless. I do NOT want a wireless network.

  9. Ideally, operating systems should never change

    Here are the problems caused by an operating system that periodically changes:

  10. The new versions of Windows take much longer to start

    Two to five minutes to start is much too long. Microsoft wastes our time.

    Much of the extra time is needed by the antivirus software to check the larger operating system.

  11. The only reason Microsoft changes the operating system is to make more money Bust the Trust!

    The new version is never better than the old one. Lately, it has been worse.

    The new features are useless fluff. They waste my time by getting in the way. None of them improves my productivity.

    I end up taking more steps to do a job with the new versions than I did with the old.

    The features intended to work with phones and pads are totally useless to me, because I will never buy a pad or a cell phone.

    Microsoft uses its patent and copyright powers to create a monopoly. This should be illegal.

  12. The new versions are UGLY

    Microsoft has gone artist-happy. The new versions please artists, but not most users.

    The Office theme colors are also some of the ugliest colors that exist. Bleaugh!

    Transparent or translucent windows???? Yuccckkk!

    The hypnotic spinning "Welcome" and "Please Wait" messages are very annoying. "You are getting sleepy." "Buy more Microsoft Products."