1. your fault Countries should not be allowed to reclaim lands lost in wars and revolts.

     - The UN should prohibit starting a war or using force to get back lands lost in other wars or in revolts.

     - If any country gets back land it lost in a war, the country that loses it then would start a war to get it back.

     - Too many leaders want too much power. Remind them of the power the electric chair provides.

     - It's like two pickpockets constantly picking each other's pockets.

     - If you started a war, lost the war, and lost half of your land, it's your fault.

     - This should prevent many wars if obeyed.

  2. civil right All countries should have Freedom of Religion as the US has.

     - No country, government, employer, or person has the power or the right to control what anyone thinks or believes.

     - No country, government, or person can impose any belief or religion (or lack of religion) on any person.

     - No country, government or person can prohibit any belief, religion, or lack of religion.

     - No country, government, employer, or person can require any person to disobey any religion.

     - No country, government or person can require any religion to change its beliefs.

     - Many belief systems without deities are also religions because they contradict some religious tenets.

     - Any religion can prohibit anything it deems to be wrongdoing. But nonmembers don't have to obey that.

  3. no h8 Bigotry has no place in the world.

     -Bigotry is the hatred of people because of any of the following properties they have:

    1. National origin
    2. Family origin
    3. Race
    4. Skin color
    5. Religion
    6. Creed
    7. Personal beliefs
    8. Political beliefs
    9. Diseases

    No country, government, employer, or person shall use any of the above as reasons to do any of the following:

    1. Physically harm any person
    2. Damage or destroy any property belonging to or rented by any person
    3. Discriminate against any person
    4. Wage war
    5. Use any of the above as factors affecting employment, hiring, discipline, or firing.

       - Any company making religious products may require belonging to that religion to be employed there.

    6. Religious owners of property may not require people using the property to obey the religion.

       - Religious owners may require that those using the property must not do what the religion says not to do.

  4. unfair election We must get rid of unfair election voting systems.

     Bad election systems cause unexpected results and disgruntled voters:

     - The Plurality Voting System (vote for only one) unfairly favors the candidate most different from the others.

     - The Plurality Voting System (vote for only one) unfairly splits votes among two similar candidates.

     - The slogan "One man - One vote" makes it look like the Plurality Voting System (vote for only one) is fair. IT IS NOT.

     - Ranking Systems (number your preferences) unfairly favor the candidate most different from the others.

     - Ranking Systems (number your preferences) can make surprise winners with mostly third-place votes.

     - Ranking Systems (number your preferences) can't tell where you stop liking and start disliking candidates.

     - Approval systems (vote for all you like) give some voters more power than others based on preferences.

     - Rating systems (rate each choice 0 to 10) cause many close votes, ties, and recounts.

    fair election  The fair Independent Voting System has these properties:

     - Every voter has exactly the same amount of power, regardless of his preferences.

     - Voters are not split by multiple candidates with similar platforms.

     - Voters who do not like any of the candidates or like more than one candidate are not disenfranchised.

     - The number of candidates running does not matter.

     - A candidate cannot affect the outcome of the election by entering or leaving the race, unless he wins when in the race.

     - Because of this, no signatures, petitions, or primary election are necessary to get on the ballot.

     - Negative campaigning will end, because voting against one candidate doesn't automatically vote for another.

     - Voters can always vote their consciences.

     - Voters do not have to abandon their favorite candidates to prevent their worst choices from being elected.

     - The outcome always pleases the largest number of voters.

  5. FYA Flashing Yellow Arrows shall be the standard left turn signal wherever they can be installed.

     - The flashing yellow arrow means that those turning in the direction of the arrow must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

     - When properly installed, flashing yellow arrow signals prevent the danger of yellow trap.

     - Flashing yellow arrows cannot be used where the left turn shares a lane with other movements.

     - Flashing yellow arrows should be avoided with:
      - multi-lane left turns
      - more than two oncoming lanes, or
      - speeds over 45 mph.

  6. NCAA Sports tournaments must be fair.

     - Playoff brackets or trees are not fair unless only one place is awarded.

     - Round-robin playoffs are the fairest for dyadic sports (those where two contenders play each other).

     - Absolute-score playoffs are the fairest for monadic sports (those where contenders play alone).

     - Seeding methods are attempts to make unfair systems fair. They don't work very well.

     - The problem with round-robin tournaments is the very large number of games needed.

  7. Turboglide I want a car with a transmission similar to the GM Turboglide.

     - This was a 1950s shiftless transmission with smooth instant performance.

     - There were three turbines in the torque converter interconnected through different gear ratios and one-way clutches.

     - Even the CVT has a lag while the controller decides what to do. Turboglide had instant response.

     - I used to have one and want another. I loved that car.

  8. tax sale Property taxes should be abolished.

     - Property taxes are not based on owner income.

     - Properties are rezoned against the owners' wills to raise more property tax revenue.

     - Inability to pay property tax takes homes away from low income people.

     - Governments change zoning to increase potential value to collect more property tax.

     - Often property assessments are raised above market value so government gets more property tax.

     - Tax sales redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich.

     - Government uses tax sale revenues to replace revenues lost in recessions.

  9. discoin Reduce intellectual property powers.

     Intellectual property rights are causing these problems:

     - Business execs want patents and copyrights.

     - Products without patent or copyright protection can be made by anyone.

     - So products are discontinued as soon as their patents expire.

     - Businesses care only for their sales profits, not for customers who lose the old product.

     - Patents and copyrights have near monopoly powers and last too long.

     - New equipment from the new patent is made to not use old software or play old media.

     - If a treasured piece of equipment you own fails, you will not be able to buy a replacemenyt.

     - Music artists change old songs so the record company has something to copyright.

     The following changes need to be made:

     - All patents and copyrights shall have compulsory licensing at low rates.

     - All patents and copyrights should have shorter periods to reduce product discontinuation.

     - There should be two kinds of rights - original creator credit (permanent) and royalty (7 years)

     - Intellectual property rights shall remain with the original creator. They shall not be sold.

     - Products shall not be discontinued as long as people want them.

     - The use of old software or recordings shall not be deprecated in new equipment.

  10. Collaro I want a record changer with all of these features:

     1. Plays odd record sizes automatically.

     2. Plays randomly intermixed record sizes.

     3. Repeats any record in the stack when desired, getting the size right.

     4. Plays a single record already on the turntable automatically.

     5. Size sensors don't touch the grooved surface of the record.

     6. Allows manual start or full manual operation when desired.

     7. Plays 33 rpm and 45 rpm records in the same stack when desired.

    Dual 1003, 1004, 1005, and 1006 do the first 4 at the expense of touching the record surface with rollers.

    My Collaro TSC-640/1019A (right) can do 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7, and play arranged intermix (larger records before smaller).
     These examples are as close as anyone ever got to the ideal.

  11. SD12-D Surround sound systems should correctly play all surround recordings ever made:

     - Accepts inputs from all players surround material is available on.

     - Correctly plays matrix systems Hafler, Dynaco, EV-4, QS, SQ, RM, EV-U, H, UHJ, Dolby Surround and Circlesurround.

     - Can play the variations in discrete systems CD-4, 4.0, and from 5.1 to 7.2.4.

     - Removes the side imaging problem so moving panned parts are correctly heard with the listener facing forward.

     - It does not cost thousands of dollars.

     - Each additional surround system should not cost much to add.

  12. LED bulb Keep LED lightbulb makers from shortening the lives of their LED bulbs.

    Lightbulb life is much shorter than the expected life on the package.

     - Most bulbs fail within two or three years, not the large hours rating on the package.

     - The package claim covers only the LED emitter, not the rest of the device.

     - In most cases, the power supply in the base fails first.

     - Several bulbs I have get brighter and dimmer as one set of LEDs turn on and off due to power supply failure.

     - Christmas lights should have the same LED life other LEDs have.

     - The first LED Christmas lights I bought are still working.

     - The latest Christmas lights strings I have purchased usually lose several LEDs each year.

     - The blue and white LEDs fail more often than the others.

     - It's as though they purposely made the LED lives short so you buy another set next year.

  13. clogs I always wanted to see a physical challenge (e.g. Double Dare) race of this kind:

     - A flat field is prepared by plowing and disking it to a 3-inch depth.

     - The field is then uniformly watered until the soil is uniformly thick deep mud.

     - Contestants all wear identical clogs like these (each the correct shoe size for the player).

     - Contestants are lined up on one side of the field.

     - At a starter's signal, contestants race across the field.

     - If a contestant loses a clog, the contestant must find it and put it back on before continuing.

     - The winner is the first contestant to reach the other side of the field with both shoes on.

  14. sales record When comparing sales of records, tickets, or other items, don't use the money collected.

     - Use the number of items sold.

     - Using the amount of money collected means the ones with the most inflated money will win.

     - Using the money amount makes all of the records recent as inflation shrinks the money.

     - Disbelieve any claim of a best seller based on money.

  15. fono record I want a recording of "Oh, Holy Night" with all of the lyrics in church hymnals in order.

     - No lyrics substitutions, changes in verse order, or changes in chorus lyrics are allowed.

     - The "Noel" (French chorus), if used, must be a coda chorus after the end of the hymnal material.

     - The date the recording was made is not too important.

     - I prefer a phonograph record or a CD. I do not download.

     - Part of the problem is that most record companies don't want anything longer than 3.5 minutes.

     - Another part of the problem is that most record companies want something they can copyright.

  16. out of stock I want stores to actually have in stock the products they claim to sell:

     - There is often empty space on shelves.

     - In some cases, there isn't enough shelf space for everything if all of the products are in stock.

     - Sometimes they alternate two different products in the same shelf space.

     - In many cases, the product I want is not available for more than a month.

     - Sometimes they say a product is "seasonal" when there is no reason for such a designation.

     - They often tell me they have to take what the supplier has for them.

  17. elec cart Stores need to take care of all handicapped customers.

     - There are not enough handicapped parking spaces.

     - Handicapped parking spaces are placed for wheelchairs, not for people with walkers.

     - Entrance and exit doors are at opposite ends of the store make invalids walk farther.

     - There are not enough working power wheelchairs.

     - Many of the power chairs have batteries with bad cells. They run for a few minutes, then quit.

     - The power chairs should be kept and charged in a heated structure in the parking lot, not in the store.

     - Someone should have the job of taking care of the wheelchairs and charging them.

  18. mad at cell We need a way to stop telemarketers from pestering us.

     - Laws can't stop telemarketing calls from other countries.

     - Suggestions to stop telemarketing activities:

    1. Reduce the recipient's phone bill for each telemarketing call received.
    2. A button or code to destroy the telemarketer's equipment.
    3. An announcement "We shoot telemarketers right through the phone." followed by a loud bang.
    4. A system to identify telemarketers and call their phones repeatedly.
    5. A recording of the Monty Python Spam song.
    6. Repeat the word "Greed" over and over.
    7. Say into the phone: "Not another stupid telemarketer wasting my time!"
    8. Say into the phone: "Will you please go 'BOIP!' somewhere else? I'm trying to sleep!"
  19. profitpill We need a way to stop drug makers from overcharging us.

     - Reduce patent, copyright, and trademark charges to less than 10% of the cost.

     - Repeal the inane law that gives a drug maker 25 years of protection from competition.

     - Require compulsory licensing from the day the drug goes on the market at the same low rates.

     - Strictly control how much profit can be taken from each dose of any medicine.

     - Remove all monopoly power from medical products.

     - Prohibit medical cartels used to fix prices.

  20. red trike driver We need a way to stop bad drivers from endangering us.


     - Use surveillance cameras to catch bad drivers in the act.

     - Once a week, award the three most flagrant violators the award.

     - The recipient is required to wear these badges for a week.

     - Law enforcement uses the videos to issue tickets.

     - The worst offenders lose their licenses.