You wanted a diagram of my setup? It's here on this page.

To see photos of the equipment, look here.

Equipment description (top to bottom):

  • Anatek PocketSync
    - CoDec for two-way MIDI-FSK conversions
  • Behringer MDX1400 Autocom Pro
    - Stereo compressor with gate
  • MXR EQ
    - 15-band stereo equalizer
  • TASCAM 246 Portastudio
    - Multitrack with integral mixer
  • Fostex XR-7 Multitracker
    - Multitrack with integral mixer (used for copying multitrack tapes and for bounces)
  • Samson PL2404
    - Stereo line mixer
  • Phlazex Encoder
    - Stereo modifier and surround encoder
  • Peavey DeltaFex Twin
    - Dual Reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, rotary speaker effect
  • Zoom RFX-300
    - Reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, pitch shifter, compressor effect
  • Behringer MDX1400 Autocom Pro
    - Stereo compressor with gate
  • EQ
    - Future 15-band stereo equalizer (to be added)
  • Aphex 104
    - Aural Exciter with Big Bottom
  • Behringer MDX1600 Autocom Pro-XL
    - Stereo compressor/limiter with gate and expander
  • Philips CDR-200
    - Dual deck CDR burner/copier
  • Realistic 15-1956
    - A/V Selector for monitor mix source
  • Realistic 32-1200B
    - DJ mixer used for the monitor mix
  • UniQuad DJ-3
    - Master selector for the surround sound system (see note below)
studio diagram

Equipment scattered around the diagram:

  • Radio Shack 270-054 Ground Loop Isolator
    - placed where needed to break ground loops
  • Two Behringer UltraPatch Pro
    - Patchbays (shown in diagram where each patch point is connected)
    • "A" patches are in the recording rack
    • "B" patches are in the mastering rack

Note: UniQuad DJ-3 is not in the photos on the other page. It is the master selector control for the stereo system, surround sound feed, and monitors, so it is in the stereo system, not the production system. It acts as the interface between the two systems.

In the diagram, UniQuad DJ-3 is:

  • A program source (out)
  • The signal path to the monitors (in).

The monitor system can send sound to a surround sound system, stereo speakers, a mono hookup, a bad reference set of speakers, or performer cue monitors.


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