1. Government can spend as much money as it wants to spend.

    If government spending creates more money than the total wealth in the country, the money inflates. Prices go up.

  2. There is a right to health care.

    Nothing that costs money can ever be a right. When the money is gone, the right goes poof! (and it's gone).

  3. Government can pay for everyone's health care.

    Here, government still spends more than the total wealth in the country. Inflated money is not enough.

  4. Nobody should have to work.

    Without work, no products are made. Without work, no food is produced. And you must work to pay those workers.

  5. Government can give everyone lots of free stuff.

    Everything that government spends or gives away is taken away from others in taxes. You can't get something for nothing.

  6. You should obey the politicians and celebrities who tell you to hate or harm certain people.

    Hating people, harming people, and destroying property are wrongdoing. People have the civil right to believe anything.

  7. Politicians and protesters wished Donald Trump would die from COVID-19.

    This hate is the ultimate in wrongdoing. They want to get their way through the death of their opponent.

  8. Hillary Clinton says that most religious people are 'deplorables'.

    Liberals hate religious people because their religions prohibit things that liberals want.

  9. Defunding the police is a good idea.

    Those who want to defund the police want to be able to steal without being punished.

  10. Activist judges do what is good and right.

    Activist judges twist the language of the Constitution to cheat to get what the liberals want.

  11. Republicans want to take away your health care.

    Abolishing Obamacare is not 'taking away your healthcare.' They want to replace it with a sustainable method that works.

  12. Democracy depends on a free press.

    A free press and journalism must be unbiased. Most 'journalists' are biased because they want Obamacare for themselves.

  13. Obamacare is sustainable.

    Because it costs more than the total wealth in the country, it is not sustainable.

  14. Medicare-for-All is sustainable.

    Because it costs more than the total wealth in the country, it is not sustainable.

  15. Single-Payer is the only way to make insurance fair.

    Single-Payer is unsustainable. The correct solution is to abolish the idea of 'coverage' to lower health care costs.

  16. Conservative beliefs are not politically correct.

    'Politically correct' is a set of rules made up by liberals who always want to get their selfish way.