Why is this case still promoted as unidentified?

There was very little fuss about Roswell NM in 1947, or in any year before 1978:

  • The case had "flying disc" status for one day, July 8, 1947, when a premature news release said the army had captured a flying disk.
  • It was explained as a crashed RaWin RADAR Corner Reflector Balloon the next day.
  • Even in 1967, there was no doubt as to the identity of it. The case is listed as "solved" in the Look special "Flying Saucers," along with the picture of Jesse Marcel holding up the RaWin balloon debris.
  • This case was not considered by the 1953 Robertson panel.
  • This case was not considered by the Colorado University "Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects" (also known as the Condon Report).
  • The case was not even mentioned in the American Association for the Advancement of Science symposium in December 1969.
  • None of the authors who favored the extraterrestrial theory of UFO origin mentioned this case as being anything but a solved case before 1978. If they mentioned it at all, they mentioned it as an example of a solved case.
  • No other source before 1978 calls the Roswell case anything but a solved case.

Now, over 60 years later, Roswell is the case:

  • It is possible that the Air Force lied about the identity of this UFO (but not necessarily to hide little alien bodies).
  • A secret spy device was probably involved, along with unrelated effects.
  • The Air Force has released information about crash dummies used for parachute and ejection capsule research.

The extraterrestrial "buffs" say that this is just more cover-up of the truth.

The facts on this case seem to change every day, and nobody is sure which facts are facts and which facts are not.

UFO lore seems to have combined at least three unrelated events into one supercase:

  1. The crash of a Skyhook or Mogul balloon at Roswell NM
  2. The Frank Scully story about Aztec NM
  3. A crash of a high altitude ejection seat test, possibly at Socorro NM

Crash dummy UFO cartoon

Vince and Larry start a
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The bodies

The Evidence:

Roswell itself has been the site of many terrestrial events involving aviation and space:

  1. The first rocket range was at Roswell. Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard launched some of the first liquid-fueled rockets there.
  2. Roswell is less than one hundred miles from the Trinity Site, where the first atomic bomb was detonated in 1945.
  3. The first atomic bomber crews were stationed at Roswell.
  4. White Sands Missile Range is very close to Roswell. Many out-of-control missiles have crashed in the area.
  5. Many aircraft and missiles under development are tested at White Sands.
  6. A YB-49 flying wing crashed at Roswell. This airplane was unstable if it got into a steep bank or slowed down too much, because it had no fuselage or tail. It also looked like a flying saucer if seen edge-on. Parts of it have been found recently, with the finders claiming them to be "flying saucer parts."
  7. The Very Large Array, a super radio telescope, was constructed at Socorro NM.

Many classic cases of UFO sightings have occurred near Roswell and Socorro:

  1. In 1948, the Van Valkenberg "crash" was reported at Kingman AZ.
  2. The Green Fireball cases occurred at White Sands in 1948 through 1951.
  3. In Las Cruces NM 08/28/49, astronomer Clyde Tombaugh (discoverer of Pluto) sighted six unidentified objects.
  4. Farmington NM 03/17/50: A burst Skyhook balloon gave residents a show of about 50 UFOs.
  5. The Dan Fry "contact" was reportedly at White Sands on 07/04/50.
  6. Lubbock TX 1951: The Lubbock lights case.
  7. Holloman AFB NM 07/14/52: This "gun camera" photo turns out to be a time exposure of a television screen with cartoons on. A method of testing the timing of a camera shutter with a TV screen had just been published, so this might have been the origin of the picture.
  8. Three Rivers NM 10/16/57: The Fortune photo was probably a contrail of a missile from White Sands.
  9. In 1957, the Levelland TX, Stokes, Orogrande NM, and Kirtland AFB cases occurred within seven days of each other, and just after Sputnik II was launched. All are unsolved, although the page author has a theory on the Levelland case.
  10. In 1962, a missile crash occurred at White Sands. It was reported as a UFO crash.
  11. Paul Villa took most of his fake photos in New Mexico.
  12. Socorro NM 04/24/64: The famous Socorro landing case took place.
  13. La Madera NM 04/26/64: Another similar landing case.
  14. Condon cases 16 and 55 were in the area.
  15. The Picacho Peak NM 03/03/67 photo is of a suction cup stuck to the car window the photo was taken through.

It is not surprising that the mystery is concentrated on events so remote in time. It is hard to prove anything from the available evidence, and many of the eyewitnesses are now dead. The reported debris was not substantial enough to have flown through space, entered the earth's atmosphere, and then flown to Roswell, only to crash into smithereens. It was very light, designed as though every milligram counted. This is the material of a balloon designed to stay up for days, not a space ship.

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