Too many liberals are screaming "Follow the science" when people balk at what liberals want them to do. In too many cases, the liberals are trying to control people.


  1. The COVID-19 science tells us to do everything government has done and prohibit what government has prohibited.

    Overzealous legislators often require wearing a mask whenever outside one's own residence.

    Overzealous legislators often require certain people to be vaccinated.

    Nothing here matches the science of other diseases:

    The science keeps changing because the virus keeps changing.

     - The virus keeps making new strains.

     - Each strain makes new variants.

     - The RNA reproduction mechanism in the virus is lossy (allows mistakes).

     - The vaccines don't work right because they do not exactly match the virus.

     - The vaccines tend to slow down the virus rather than stopping it.

     - There is no full immunity because the virus keeps changing.

    Many people are protesting because they are afraid of the following:

     - People afraid of the virus

     - People afraid they will catch the virus

     - People afraid someone will give them the virus

     - People afraid of the virus overwhelming the hospitals

     - People afraid of injections

     - People allergic to materials in vaccines (this is a real threat)

     - People with latex allergy triggered by rubber in mask straps (a real threat)

     - People whose religious beliefs prohibit invasive medicine (religion is a civil right)

     - People who won't use products made using aborted fetuses (violates their religions)

     - People afraid the government put tracking chips in the vaccine

     - People afraid the vaccines don't work and are a waste of effort.

     - People afraid they will permanently lose civil rights

     - People afraid of lockdowns

     - People afraid that authoritarians will gain more power

     - Politicians thinking they have to "do something"

     - Employers afraid of lawsuits

    Masks are being totally wasted when they are used where they are not needed.

     - Outdoors away from other people
     - Outdoors doing work in your own yard or garden
     - Driving your own car while alone or with members of your household

    The Ad Council did its part in totally confusing people by misstating the necessary prevention procedures.

     - They spread the false idea that people need protection any time they are outdoors.
     - They spread the idea that hands must be washed after every cough or sneeze.
     - They used stupid jingles that made the dangers look ridiculous.

    They oversimplified the requirements, causing people to think they are more stringent.

  2. To prevent ransomware and viruses, give your computer all of the latest updates and protection software.

    This procedure usually catches malware, but some can always slip through.

    The Colonial Pipeline was infected with a ransomware virus which shut it down.

    Don't connect critical systems to the Internet. This method always works.

    The Colonial Pipeline would have been immune to virus infection if its vital computers had not been connected to the Internet.

    If information from the Internet is needed, use a go-between computer to sanitize the data.

  3. The Whole Language reading system is better because teachers need no special training, and children do less work.

    Some children never totally catch on to Whole Language. These pupils cannot read well, if they read at all.

    Phonics teaches children to read quickly and most children learn to read.

    Teachers do not like Phonics because it takes more teacher training and more classroom time.

    Many children learning Phonics create a "device driver" that automatically reads every word they see.

    Most Whole Language pupils never develop such a device driver.

  4. Liberals tell the people to "accept our climate science", but never publish exactly what their science is.

    They expect the population to take their science on faith without any proof.

    Much of their science is based on false premises:

    • Ex 1: Too many of their "proofs" are based on the faulty logic of "Affirming the Consequent." They think that examples of strange weather prove their beliefs.

       When real scientists say that "Affirming the Consequent" is bad logic, they accuse the real scientists of being "biased" against their work.

    • Ex 2: Air samples trapped in ice are not pristine because ice is permeable to carbon dioxide. The CO2 escaped centuries ago.
    • Ex 3: One of the 'scientists' said melting floating sea ice would raise sea levels. Study your floating-body physics. Ice IS water.
    • Ex 4: Glaciated areas said by 'scientists' to be thousands of years old are known by historical records to have been ice-free in the early first century AD.
    • Ex 5: Isotope dating shows when the atoms came into being or were modified, not when the organism or rock formation was created. They get this wrong all the time.
    • Ex 6: They can't even get the science of pressure inside a football right. They say that air has to enter or leave a football to change the ball pressure.
  5. Many art teachers still teach the traditional primary colors instead of the scientific ones.
    old primaries

    A number of art teachers worship 'the masters' and want to teach the (faulty) methods they used.

    Other art teachers want to teach what they learned as a kid: The primary colors are  red, yellow, and  blue.

    Many want to avoid the third-grade-level words 'magenta' and 'cyan'.

    Many people get emotionally upset when told about the scientific primaries.

    The page author calls the red-yellow-blue primaries the "emotional primaries".

    Even Microsoft Windows has abandoned the scientific colors in its art program, using the emotional primaries instead.


    light primaries pigment primaries

    Science shows that the correct primary colors of light are  red, green, and  blue (left).

    Science shows that the correct primary colors of pigment are  magenta, yellow, and  cyan (right).

    This science is based on the workings of the human eye.

    The secondaries of each primary set are the primaries of the other set.

    Computer monitors and printers must use the new primaries. The old primaries can't work with them.

    The only reason to keep using the emotional primaries is emotional - not scientific.

  6. Art, toy, and other companies still sell products based on the emotional primary colors 60 years after the above discoveries.
    old paint primaries old primaries top

    Too many art and paint sets sold are still based on the emotional primaries (left).

    Too many school textbooks still teach the obsolete primaries.

    Too many toys use the emotional primaries as "educational" colors.

    A toy company makes this top using the emotional primaries (right).

    An art set containing the old primaries could not do projects in the book printed with the new primaries.

    Children's books are still teaching the obsolete emotional primaries.

    The Indiana Driver's Manual still uses the old printing methods.

    Why won't companies making the above products learn the science that shows their errors?

    A number of artists and art teachers worship 'the masters' and won't give up the methods they used.

    The following types of companies have almost completely changed over to the new primary colors:

    box printing test strips

    - Color photography had to use the new primaries from the beginning.

    - Color television had to use the light primaries from the beginning.

    - Printing companies making books, magazines, newspapers, and product packaging (test strip, right).


    - Those using the emotional primaries are constrained to a smaller gamut of colors they can make.

  7. Operators of sound equipment at concerts usually ignore the science of hearing damage.

    Most of them do not even know the science of hearing damage. They just turn it up.

    Many of them like the euphoria that loud sounds give them. It's like a drug.

    Many of the operators already have damaged hearing, so they turn up to hear.

    Many of them add infrasonic content for "chest-thumping bass".


    NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and
    ANSI (American National Standards Institute) have a joint hearing safety standard:

     - A limit of 94dBC maximum for an exposure of one hour a day.

     - Halve the exposure time for each 3dBC increase in sound level.

     - The exposure time may be doubled for each 3dBC decrease in sound level.

     - No infrasonic content lower than 15Hz. This can produce excruciating pain for people with stenosis of the helicotrema.

    Look for the following symptoms of hearing damage:
     Pain, tearing sounds, buzzing sounds, distorted sounds, and muffled sounds - get away from there immediately.
     Ringing in the ears - sign of hearing damage
     Sounds seem to come from the wrong direction - sign of hearing damage
     Dissonance in music that should be consonant (changed sensing of frequencies).
     Loss of balance - possible hearing damage.

  8. Liberals always set lower speed limits to save more energy.

    Liberals think that lowering vehicle speeds always causes vehicles to use less fuel.

    Liberals think that speed limits should be set by type of jurisdiction instead of actual road conditions

    When a transmission downshifts, the gas mileage drops by the change in gear ratio.

    At any speed under 30 mph, the transmission is not in the highest gear. This is usually true under 40 mph.

    So the gas mileage is lower under 30 mph because the transmission has downshifted.

    Most cars achieve their maximum gas mileage somewhere above 40 mph.

    Political speed limits should be prohibited.

    Politicians wrongly force their political beliefs onto drivers. Many of them hate the fact that individuals can own vehicles (they should use trains).

    Trained engineers, not elected or appointed layman politicians, should be making all traffic rules.

  9. Atheists claim that science proves that all religions are fake.

    They claim that all religions are false and then reverse the burden of truth by demanding that religions must prove that their beliefs are true.

    They claim that the absence of evidence of religions is evidence of absence of those religions.

    The problem with these statements is that they use the scientific tenets that Atheists wrongly put in the Scientific Method to make their cases.

    When correctly applied, science has no probative access to the beliefs on the supernatural. Science is confined to the natural.

    There is no test a scientist can devise that proves that a religion or deity does exist.

    There is no test a scientist can devise that proves that a religion or deity does not exist.

    There is no test a scientist can devise that proves that anything does not exist.

    There is no way a scientist can devise a test that proves that any belief is true or false.

    There is no way a scientist can devise a test that proves that anything is morally right or wrong.

  10. Liberals claim that GLBT characteristics are scientifically proved to be innate and hereditary.

    The 'scientific experiments' designed to prove that GLBT is hereditary have been shown to be badly designed and executed.

    Many of these studies have been shown to be the worst examples of bad science (see homotest site) ever perpetrated.

    Often the 'experiment' was designed to prove that GLBT is hereditary, rather than to find out if it is hereditary.

    The author of this page has written a valid method for doing this kind of study in this same page (homotest). But nobody has ever used it.

    Most scientific groups will not use the correct method because it costs a lot more than using the wrong method.

    Liberals want GLBT to be innate because they want to get votes by promising to make GLBT a civil right.

    Most religions ascribe the cause of GLBT cravings to be having already deliberately disobeyed the religion.

    According to the Bible, sin is defined as disobeying God.

    Evil is defined as deliberately disobeying God.

    Anyone who is committing evil (deliberately disobeying God) is obeying satan.

    Everything GLBT disobeys God.

    They hold GLBT Pride events. Are they proud that they can disobey God???

    The liberals who want to make GLBT a civil right really want to make sin a civil right. They want to make people side with satan.

    They say that these GLBT studies are called bad science only because the people doing so oppose their "truth".

    Learn to recognize bad science to test for the actual bad science. If the evidence shows so, it is bad science.

  11. Liberals claim that religions are wrong to prohibit anything GLBT because GLBT is innate.

    Their claim that GLBT is innate is not proved (see above). GLBT feelings are cravings.

    Most smokers crave smoking and nicotine. But governments are allowed to prohibit smoking in many places.

    Many criminals also crave robbing banks. But bank robbery must be a crime to prevent theft.

    Many crave sexual immoralities of many kinds. Many of those kinds violate government laws because they violate the persons and rights of others.

    Anyone can use will power to overcome giving in to any craving.

    Religions are allowed to prohibit many things that governments allow. Some religions prohibit eating pork. Most prohibit idols.

    Religions do not prohibit 'being' GLBT. They prohibit actions that are GLBT.

    Anyone can crave anything they want to crave without actually doing anything to make the thing they crave actually happen.

    The person who is not actually doing the thing the religion prohibits is not violating the religion.

    The person who is not a member of a religion does not have to obey that religion.

    Science says there are two genetic genders and two physical genders. The others are the phantasms of 'sick-ologists'.

    The beliefs of GLBT are actually a religious belief.

    The US Constitution prohibits government requiring people to believe the beliefs of any religion, including the religion of GLBT.