1. Schematic diagram Cut two equal lengths of mic cable sufficiently long to easily reach from your SUB OUT connectors to your ENCODER RETURN connectors. Leave a foot or two extra to allow for putting on the connectors, extra slack, and eventual repairs.
  2. Connect a balanced-line plug that fits your ENCODER RETURN connectors to one end of each piece of cable. Solder the wires to the terminals in normal balanced-line fashion, but do not connect the shield. Note which colored wire is hot and which is cold.
  3. Mark one of the connectors you just put on as LEFT ENCODER RETURN. Mark the other as RIGHT ENCODER RETURN.
  4. Connect a plug that fits your SUB OUT connectors to the other end of only the RIGHT cable in normal balanced-line fashion, connecting the shield this time.
  5. Mark this connector as RIGHT SUB OUT.
  6. Connect a plug that fits your SUB OUT connectors to the other end of the LEFT cable (this is the tricky part) with the hot and cold wires reversed. Be sure to connect the shield to the sleeve.
  7. Mark this connector as LEFT SUB OUT.
  8. Placing the RETURN connectors together at one end, and the SUB OUT connectors at the other end, bundle the cables together with cable ties or string.

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