Many liberals are calling new election legislation "RESTRICTIVE VOTING LAWS". But just what are they calling "restrictive"? Many see these voting laws as a way to keep certain people from voting. But in most cases, this is not the intent. The intent is to prevent cheating.


A photo shows a woman holding a sign that says "LET EVERYONE VOTE!" But do we really want this? NO! There are people who should not be voting:

  1. Illegal aliens - Democrats want them to vote so they can cheat. But they are not part of our government.
  2. Legal aliens - They are not part of our government, so they must not vote. They are parts of other governments.
  3. People who are traveling and are not at home - They must vote where they live, not anywhere else.
  4. People who have already voted must not vote again.
  5. People who have been convicted of certain crimes do not have the right to vote,
  6. People who have not registered to vote or have falsely registered.


  1. The page author was in line to vote in 2004 when a guy two places ahead of him dropped his wallet. At least ten IDs fell out of his wallet. The election judge picked up the IDs and said "Hey! These are all variations of the same name with different addresses in different counties!" The guy had an anti-war slogan on his T-shirt. He obviously intended to vote in that many different polling places.
  2. Many mail-in ballots were intercepted and destroyed before they reached the election polling places. This left no evidence that any cheating had even taken place:
  3. In many polling places, there has been no chain of custody or surveillance over ballots. Tampering has been reported, and in some cases, one person has been alone with the ballots with no supervision.
  4. Democrats want to let illegal aliens into the country so they can vote Democrat.
  5. Many attempts were made to keep people in certain precincts from voting:


  1. The cheaters want what a candidate promised so much that they cheated to get it.
  2. They hated a candidate so much that they cheated to defeat him.
  3. They want to cheat to gain a civil right by appointing biased justices.
  4. They want to cheat to protect a civil right from being overturned.
  5. They believe their side is "right" and the other side is wrong, so they cheat.
  6. Because they want the desires of satan, they obey satan and cheat the election.
  7. They want to stop a war at all costs.


  1. They claim that requiring IDs is somehow discriminatory.
     - How? Is there something about needing an ID that causes a hardship? Most states provide non-driver IDs for free.
     - The liberal wants voting without ID so liberals can vote multiple times to cheat.
  2. They claim that registration is a hardship for minorities who lack transportation.
     - But registration is available when you get your ID at the Motor Vehicles office. You can do both at the same time.
     - Liberals want government to not be able to keep track of voters so they can cheat.
  3. One group claims that election laws were passed for the purpose of keeping members of minority races from voting.
     - The real purpose is to keep voters from misrepresenting themselves as others and to keep them from voting multiple times.
  4. Some haters yell "RACIST" any time something slightly inconveniences a minority's attempt to vote.


  1. Require the Independent Voting System - the only existing totally fair voting system with no biases. Vote on each choice separately.
  2. Electors and legislators must also use Independent Voting.
  3. Abolish primary elections and candidate selection conventions - Independent voting puts these into the main election.
  4. Abolish petitions to get on the ballot - Independent Voting removes the need for ballot-entry petitions.
  5. Abolish winner-take-all rules for electors - one elector for each house district, plus two specially chosen.
  6. Abolish straight-party voting - has no meaning with many candidates from same party.
  7. Abolish at-large voting districts - have no meaning with Independent Voting.
  8. Require all ballots to be machine-readable paper ballots - Tangible paper record prevents fraud.
  9. Require all voters to register in person each election - registrator travels to invalids - cards become photo IDs.
  10. Registration must be done two weeks before election - gives time to check for fraud.
  11. All absentee voting shall be by registered mail with return receipt - prevents cheating.
  12. No candidates for an office shall be holding other government offices in the election year - no safe backup offices.
  13. Rabid partisans must not be counting ballots - Prevents tally fraud.
  14. Ballots must be photographed and serially numbered when received - useful if counting fraud occurs.
  15. Ballots must be under chain of custody and constant surveillance - stops tampering.
  16. Experts from all parties in any race have the right to examine the vote-counting machines - investigate if they do not agree.
  17. Require the ballots to be counted by all partisan observer groups - investigate any discrepancies.
  18. Abolish covert handling of ballots when any observers are not present - Prevents tampering and ballot destruction.
  19. Provide a way to mark a ballot permanently as spoiled - keeps cheats from reintroducing spoiled ballots.
  20. Provide a procedure for recovering, repairing, or replacing an unreadable ballot - keeps vote from being lost - use the photos.
  21. Procedure to determine the validity of ballots found where they do not belong - must be investigated.
  22. Punish ballot tampering - both criminal and tally penalties - must include offenses by postal workers.
  23. Stop voter intimidation - provide toll-free numbers to call to report it.
  24. Prohibit hate campaigns against candidates - let candidates sue for libel or slander.
  25. Prohibit the press from taking sides - biased reporters must reveal their political slants when taking sides on candidates or issues.
  26. Prohibit social media from taking sides - they must act as common carriers for all users.


  1. Change to the Independent Voting System. This removes the belief that votes are unequal.
  2. Use constitutional amendments to prohibit candidates from promising government programs that cannot actually be done.
  3. Prohibit promising people that they'll get something without having to pay for it.
  4. Prohibit promising to remove or limit any existing civil rights.
  5. Prohibit promising new civil rights that conflict with existing civil rights.
  6. Prohibit promising any government budget that spends more than government can raise in revenue.
  7. Always assume that programs in the budget cannot raise any revenue the proponents promise the programs would raise.