"Social distancing???" Shouldn't it be "Antisocial distancing?"


virus world The real problem is that we do not know what we know because so many "x-spurts" are saying different things:

X = unknown. Spurt = drip under pressure. Expert = x-spurt = unknown drip under pressure.

  1. One x-spurt says we will have to be locked down for at least 18 months.
  2. Another x-spurt says that stopping the virus will be like playing Whack-A-Mole.
  3. Another says we should never have had government controls on this.
  4. Another uninformed x-spurt says that ways to develop vaccines faster must be found.
  5. Many x-spurts initially said there was no serious problem, and then changed their minds.
  6. The x-spurts can't agree on what kills the virus and what does not.
  7. Too many x-spurts are following the death statistics. Those are lagging indicators.
  8. Epidemiology x-spurts will be debating this for years.
  9. Too many x-spurts want the shutdown to continue to slow down climate change (ulterior motive).
  10. Sweden, Belgium, and Belarus decided not to make any laws or decrees about the virus.

    - They broadcast advice to be followed, but did not force their advice onto people.

    - So far, this seems to have worked.


virus sun We do know that these are true:

  1. If the virus particle has fallen apart, it is permanently deactivated. It cannot reassemble itself.
  2. Direct sunlight makes these viruses fall apart in a few minutes.
  3. If you are outside in the open and not close to others, you do not need a mask.
  4. You do not need a mask inside your car unless you are driving others to various places.
  5. A strong wind can keep the viruses from attaching to things.
  6. Ultraviolet light, ozone, or ions can make the virus fall apart.
  7. Long exposure to oxygen can makes the virus fall apart.
  8. Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide makes the virus fall apart.
  9. Soap and water makes viruses and bacteria let go of what they are attached to.
  10. None of the above work once the virus is inside the body.
  11. Antibiotics work on bacteria, not viruses. Antivirals work on viruses.


Many government leaders are demanding that the economy must shut down. All of them are Democrats:

  1. Michigan governor Whitmer is the worst. She banned things having nothing to do with the virus,
  2. New York governor Cuomo is one of the worst.
  3. California governor Newsom is not far behind.
  4. New Jersey governor Murphy gets mad when defied!
  5. emperor New York City mayor de Blasio
  6. Pennsylvania governor Wolf
  7. Kansas governor Kelly
  8. North Carolina governor Cooper
  9. Congresswoman Pelosi (CA) tried to put extra spending and abortion 'rights' into the relief bill.

    - She also invited people to come to San Francisco to get away from the virus, spreading it even more.

  10. Senator Schumer (NY) tried to put extra spending and abortion into the relief bill.

Democrats want the shutdown to last longer. Republicans want to end it now.

viking Democrats want the shutdown to last through the election. They think it will help them win.

"More power! More! More! More raw power! More! More! I'm still not satisfied!"

"I will decide what is essential and what is not essential!"

These people love to boss other people around.

Many Democrats want the shutdown to last longer to stave off climate change.

Many Democrats want the shutdown to last longer to keep churches closed.

Too many leaders just want more and more power for themselves.

galactus Too many insurance actuaries scare leaders with government liability.

"If you open your business defying my order, your business license will be revoked!"

Watch these tyrants throw tantrums when people defy their orders.

"Waaaah! I'M THE BIG CHEESE! Obey me or else!"

Do not vote to re-elect these tyrants.

Several judges have just ruled:

Cowboy rule: The bigger the hat, the bigger the ego.
Fake Cowboy definition: All hat and no cattle (right).


virus panderin Many government leaders went overboard and banned things that have a low probability of spreading these viruses when social distance is maintained:

  1. Leaving your home (stay at home orders)
  2. More than 10 at an event (as long as social distancing is obeyed)
  3. Travel (as long as social distancing is obeyed)
  4. Eating take-out in your car in the parking lot of the restaurant
  5. Having church in properly spaced cars in a parking lot.
  6. Drive-thru church to exchange materials
  7. Gardening
  8. Going to your second home/vacation home
  9. Hiking or jogging without a mask
  10. dark matter Buying hobby supplies
  11. Golf
  12. Surfing
  13. Home remodeling
  14. Having storm damage repaired

Do not vote to re-elect tyrants who ban these.

Too many leaders are pandering to reporters who are very afraid.

Too many leaders are obeying insurance actuaries to avoid government liability.

Too many insurance actuaries scare leaders with government liability.

Too many leaders just want more and more power for themselves.

Many lawsuits are already being filed:


mr yuk Many government leaders are demanding that religion must shut down. All of them are Democrats:

  1. Michigan governor Whitmer
  2. New York governor Cuomo
  3. California governor Newsom
  4. New York City mayor de Blasio
  5. New Jersey governor Murphy
  6. Pennsylvania governor Wolf
  7. Kansas governor Kelly
  8. North Carolina governor Cooper
  9. Greenville MS mayor Simmons gave $50 tickets to those attending a drive-thru service that was following social distancing rules.
  10. Louisville KY mayor Fischer

Do not vote to re-elect these tyrants. They hate your civil rights.


democrat power Many repoorters are so afraid of the virus that they want governments to impose the most draconian rules possible.

  1. They do not care what they do to other people.
  2. They are worried about their sniveling selves.
  3. Most of them are Democrats.
  4. Most of them want things that Democrats want.
  5. Ulterior motive: Most of them want national health care.
  6. Most of them worship government.
  7. Most of them want climate change stopped.
  8. Most of them hate religion.
  9. Most of them want to be perfectly safe (though that is impossible).
  10. Most Democrats want a perfectly safe world (though that is impossible).


UV-C The x-spurts disagree about this too. But they agree on these:

  1. Alcohol at least 70% (as sold - isopropyl or ethyl) after 30 seconds immersion
  2. Bleach 1/3 cup per gallon cold water 30 seconds on plastic
  3. Bleach 1/3 cup per gallon cold water 10 min other surfaces
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (as sold) 1 minute on surfaces
  5. Soap or detergent 20 seconds on surfaces, then with scrubbing
  6. Sunshine direct and strong for a few minutes
  7. Fresh air blows away the viruses and oxygen can deactivate them
  8. Ozone deactivates them
  9. Ions can make the virus fall apart.
  10. Ultraviolet C kills the virus, but is dangerous to humans
  11. Devices that safely pass air through Ultraviolet C are available (right)


moof The x-spurts disagree about these:

  1. Some people don't have any symptoms.
  2. There seems to be a lack of smokers with Covid19.
  3. There seems to be a higher incidence of death in blacks.
  4. There is an increase of strokes in younger people.
  5. Some have discolored toes and foot sores.
  6. Some describe Fizzing - a buzzing sensation in various places in the body.
  7. Some report loss of smell and/or taste.
  8. Conjunctivitis has been present.
  9. Some wrongly believe the disease is caused by 5G networks.
  10. People with CPAP have a higher incidence of death.
  11. Making patients lie on their stomachs improves survival.
  12. pac virus eats money There was a wacky story saying that computers can catch coronavirus 19.
  13. It is impossible to get accurate statistics on the virus without violating people's civil rights.
  14. An astrologer predicted that the virus will suddenly disappear.
  15. People have tried dangerous home remedies (such as drinking fish tank cleaner).
  16. People are violating the stay home orders because they are sick of dictatorial government.


virus grin Hoarders are keeping people who need medical supplies for other reasons from getting them.

  1. People with other diseases (e.g. colostomy) need alcohol and can't get it.
  2. Many people need Lysol spray for such diseases and can't get it.
  3. Why are they hoarding canned salmon????
  4. They forget that some people with allergies need certain substitute products
  5. Government keeps doing the unthinkable things the hoarders are afraid they will do. That's why they keep hoarding.
  6. Some miscreants are buying up supplies to sell at a higher price. They deserve jail.
  7. Hoarders will find themselves in hades, so surrounded by all of the stuff they hoarded that they can't move.


virus wreckage Government says "Everything will be OK!", but it is turning into "OOK".

  1. Selfish governments are using the virus as an excuse to deny civil rights:

    - They are putting in unnecessary rules to prevent infection.

    - They are surveiling people with cameras and drones.

    - They are monitoring where people drive with license plates.

    - They are gathering contact tracking data from anyone who had been contagious.

    - They are separating spouses even though one was exposed by the other.

    - They are denying the right to assemble and the right to practice religion.

    - They are still using the old curves even though new data shows a flatter curve.

    - They are prohibiting outdoor activities that actually kill viruses.

    - They are allowing phone companies to track where people go.

  2. The news media are worshiping government instead of questioning edicts that do not prevent virus spread.
  3. governsaurus rex Government banned evictions for late rent payments, but:

    - When the ban ends, all of the back rent is due at once.

    - Landlords are allowed to get other paying tenants as soon as the original lease period ends.

    - Landlords are allowed to sell the property as soon as the original lease period ends.

          - The new owner does not have to lease it out.

  4. Social distancing rules prevent some kinds of food production.
  5. Government requires people to use products in public that are in short supply or are hoarded.
  6. People are told to stay home, but they can't get supplies to work on their hobbies.
  7. Schoolteachers are being paid normally, but substitute teachers have no income.
  8. vote trashed They have totally messed up the elections:

    - Postponing votes

    - Moving polling places

    - Allowing voting methods that cheaters use

    - Requiring people to change voting methods

          Many people are also afraid to vote.

  9. People who started remodeling projects were stopped in mid-job.

    - Some of them have only parts of their houses in usable condition.

  10. Many businesses are going out of business because:

    - They don't get any stimulus money, and

    - They can't open because idiots say they are "nonessential."

  11. Many workers have suddenly found their jobs are gone because their nonessential employer evaporated.
  12. virus grin Government destroyed the means of some people's incomes by seizing things as being contaminated.
  13. Many cannot get the medical supplies they need for their own diseases because government diverted the companies making them to make supplies needed to fight the virus.
  14. Liberal candidates are using the economic failure to push their impossible liberalism, including:

    - Government healthcare

    - Living wage

    - 'Reproductive rights'

    - Guaranteed employment, and

    - Socialism

          Too many gullible people are falling for them.


fun is not essential It's a mystery.

  1. Law offices - 'essential'
  2. Beaches and parks - 'nonessential'
  3. Dog grooming - 'essential'
  4. Barbers - 'nonessential'
  5. Governors - 'essential'
  6. Construction supplies - 'nonessential'
  7. fun not essential Outdoor construction - 'essential'
  8. Indoor construction - 'nonessential'
  9. Hobbies at home - 'essential'
  10. Hobby supplies - 'nonessential'
  11. Political candidates - 'essential'
  12. Political campaigns - 'nonessential'
  13. Criminal and civil courts - 'essential'
  14. Weddings and funerals - 'nonessential'
  15. Schooling at home - 'essential'
  16. Religion - 'nonessential'
  17. no playing Pot stores - 'essential'
  18. Liquor stores - 'nonessential'
  19. Big box stores - 'essential'
  20. Shopping malls - 'nonessential'
  21. Political candidates - 'essential'
  22. Political campaigns - 'nonessential'
  23. Code enforcement - 'essential'
  24. Private detective - 'nonessential'
  25. Auto services - 'essential'
  26. Bicycles - 'nonessential'


masked virus Too many are getting it wrong. The virus is borne through body fluids, not the air.

  1. Wear a mask in these conditions:

    - When in a crowd

    - When driving people who are not in the same household

    - When close to others who are not in the same household

    - When near others who have the virus

    - When a mask is required to enter a building

  2. A mask is NOT necessary in these cases:

    - Outdoors away from other people (e.g. jogging or walking a dog)

    - When driving alone or with household members

    - When at home, unless someone has the virus

    - When working in your yard

  3. Mask failures:

    - Masks with air valves in them do NOT protect other people

    - A wet sneeze will totally disable the mask


nut house I don't know.

  1. Selfish governments are using the virus as an excuse to deny civil rights:

    - Many Democrats want control so much that they would do things to cheat to win.

    - Liberals want such wrongful items as government healthcare, abortion rights, living wage, and socialism.

          - They have cheated in the past to get these things.

  2. A 1980s movie had government fake an epidemic to force the people under totalitarian control.

    - Many Democrats want control so much that they would do things to cheat to win.

    - Democrats cheated in the 2016 election and then tried to blame Republicans.

    - They might use the virus scare to cheat.